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Meet the founder

David Anderson is the founder and CEO of Field of Talent. His career of matching talent and mission-focused companies spans 30 years. His approach to talent acquisition helps organizations to better tell their story, provide a compelling candidate experience and attract top draft picks.

Fill our roster with top picks

33% of candidates will post about a bad recruitment experience. Our job is to ensure yours don’t. We serve your team and candidates with remarkable experiences through every season of your hiring journey.

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“The Field of Talent team rocks! They’ve helped us staff multiple difficult-to-fill positions, and most have converted to full-time associates. They really are great talent acquisition and staff augmentation partners.”

Frequently asked questions

Questions about Field of Talent or our innovative approach to modern recruitment?
We’ve got answers.

At the onset, we estimate your time-to-offer acceptance and a budget including advertising for active candidates, sourcing passive candidates, screening, interviewing, and guiding clients and candidates through the hiring process. You get a weekly pipeline review and real-time access to the candidate pipeline.

Fixed bid. Your support team consists of an account manager, sourcing consultant, and recruiting consultant. You will receive an invoice every two weeks for the previous weeks’ activities.

You’ll receive an invoice only up to that point. For example, if the search is at 4.5 weeks and you need to pause or stop the search, you would’ve been invoiced for the first 4 weeks and a final invoice of 1/2 week, plus any additional expenses such as advertising or specialty tools outside of our normal technology stack.

You will not receive an invoice for more than the estimated time. Instead, it actually costs Field of Talent if we go past our estimate.

RPO Sourcing focuses on sourcing and engaging with active and passive candidates, pre-qualifying, then presenting the most qualified candidates to your internal recruiters and/or hiring managers. For a specific position(s) or ongoing pipeline building. Cost-effective, nimble, built for speed. Fill the top of your funnel with more top draft picks.

RPO Active focuses on filling your recruitment funnel with active applicants. Field of Talent uses cutting-edge recruitment tech to engage and screen applicants within seconds of their application. Need to hire quickly or provide an improved, engaging candidate experience? RPO Active is built for just that. All you have to do is interview and hire.

In addition to RPO Active’s speed and remarkable candidate experience for active job seekers, you get passive candidate sourcing with RPO Pro. Field of Talent finds and engages candidates who may not be openly seeking a new position but would excel in your role.

Billing is based on your number of open positions, complexity of the positions, size of the talent pool, plus time, tools, and budget needed to fill your positions.

You will have a dedicated account manager and recruitment team. They take pride in knowing your business, your brand, and your culture. Consistency is critical in messaging your career opportunities and maintaining a well-oiled hiring machine. If you need more support, we can dedicate additional recruiters and/or sourcers.

Invoicing may be a project or hourly rate, depending on objectives.

The full budgeted amount agreed-to will be due, plus any incentive that may have been included for filling the position ahead of schedule. This may be used where speed-to-hire is important for your search.

Get your risk-free consult with our recruitment experts. Even if we don’t work together, walk away with actionable tasks to improve your time-to-hire.