3 remote recruitment tools so powerful they feel illegal

1 in every 25 candidates gets a reply from employers within 24 hours of applying to a job. What if you were the first to reach them?

Hours and minutes (not days or weeks) are the difference between your company snagging the talent you need to grow. And your competitors getting them first.

Trust us – We’ve seen the impact of speed on a recruitment strategy. We help organizations speed up their process by 3x. And with their new-found speed, fill their employee roster with top draft picks.

A common trait in fast-hiring organizations is their willingness to try new technology. Here are the 3 apps we recommend to speed up your hiring process and hire your favorite candidates – faster than other companies.

1. Otter.ai – Record, transcribe & improve your meetings effortlessly

Yes, like the cute, fuzzy water animal.

Otter.ai is an AI-powered meeting assistant that’s redefining how we work here at Field of Talent. The app joins our meetings (I promise, it’s not weird) – recording, transcribing and organizing the conversation for us afterward.

Think of how powerful your candidate interviews could be with a notetaker. While they summarize the meeting, you can focus on being present with a potential all-star hire.

This is a real snapshot from a recent meeting. Otter.ai summarized the whole thing. And it’s 100% accurate.

AI-powered meeting outlining and notetaking on Otter.ai

What used to take hours – summarizing, following up and sometimes embarrassing back-and-forth (“Sorry, I forgot your response. What’s your desired salary again?”) with candidates – can now all be done in a jiffy.

If not Otter.ai, there are a few alternatives. But we recommend this revolutionary tech to follow-up with candidates faster.

Lightning McQueen on Otter.ai: I am speed

2. DocHub – Automate compliance with contracts & other legal documents

You’ve hired someone before. So you know the legal requirements (let’s call them hoops) you must complete (I prefer jump through) to get the job done.

The paperwork feels endless.

That’s where DocHub comes in:

  • Collect, track and store legal documents and personnel files
  • Automate individual and company e-signatures
  • Get compliance support from experts

Phew. What used to be a mess is no longer.

You can manage the legal process (from hi to you’re hired) on a single platform.

PandaDoc users making fun of people still using paper forms

3. PivotCX – Engage, screen & hire top candidates faster than your competitors

If you’re outpaced by another employer, you might lose all the ground you made with a candidate. This is especially devastating when it was a match made in heaven.

You don’t want that. And neither do we.

With PivotCX

  • Automate your screening process
  • Schedule interviews with your favorite candidates
  • Engage candidates in their preferred medium – Text, chat or video

Only 4% of job seekers hear back from employers within 24 hours of applying. Yeah, let that sink in.

So if you’re the first to respond, imagine the possibilities. You might be able to engage, interview and hire elite talent – before your competitors even reach out.

Now, that is the power of speed.

PivotCX allows you to text candidates when most recruiters still rely on slower, more formal formats

3 apps we use to help our clients improve their time-to-hire by 3x:

  • Otter.ai
  • DocHub
  • PivotCX

Check them out if you want to speed up your recruitment process and get the talent you want and need.

Or contact us here at Field of Talent. We’re like a supercombo of all these great tools – but we’re human.

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3 remote recruitment tools so powerful they feel illegal