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Recruitment without a strategy is shooting in the dark. When faced with a difficult hiring season, your team will be put to the test. Partner with Field of Talent to establish your strategy, decrease time-to-hire, and get the top talent you need to grow.

I appreciated the professional manner in which the Field of Talent team handled this candidate process. It was a great example of exceptional service and attention to detail.

You handled everything for us and made it easy – the only thing I have to do is show up to the interview.

Field of Talent client Lisa Young of Fineline Printing

Lisa Young

COO at Fineline Printing Group


Decrease time-to-hire

Recruitment process outsourcing is a flexible and consultative approach to hiring. Get the talent you need – faster and more affordably than with traditional search.

Reduce recruiting costs

Recruiting can be expensive. Even more so when you can’t 1) get the talent you want or 2) retain the talent you do get. Reduce your overhead costs and cost-per-hire with an RPO.

Improve candidate experience

More than 50% of candidates say a negative candidate experience affects their decision to accept an offer. Improve your recruiting process, hiring manager success, and hire top talent.

Get better draft picks

This is what you set out to do! Get better hiring results by reducing time-to-engage and time-to-offer accept.

Increase your candidate flow

“With conversational texting, candidates are more confident and candid talking with us versus a phone call. Texting is so much more flexible,” says Erika Duncan, former chief people officer and now-co-founder and human capital advisor at People on Point.


Her recruitment team saved 2,400% more time. Seriously! That number’s not clickbait.


Prepare for any season

Don’t get caught in difficult hiring seasons without a well-established foundation for your recruitment team. Just as you have marketing and sales strategies, your organization needs a talent acquisition strategy in order to grow.

Uncover friction points

What’s causing your hiring gaps? During your strategy sessions, we’ll analyze your systems, roles and responsibilities, recruiting communications, SLAs, interviewing skills, and employer brand.

Get comprehensive strategy

You’ll receive a custom, comprehensive strategy, roadmap and priority-focused project plan that aligns with your organization’s values and culture. Custom-made to fill the gaps revealed in step 1.

Get side-by-side support

With over a century of talent acquisition experience, Field of Talent will serve by your side. Available for questions, feedback and strategy implementation at any given moment.

Talent acquisition team planning



more candidates

Speed up hiring process by


Improve candidate experience by


Talent leaders speaking


Fill gaps quickly

Need help filling roles on your team? No matter your industry, Field of Talent can support your recruitment team.

Contract or temp-to-hire

Trial run with talented professionals with the core competencies and skills to meet your needs. Essentially, “try before you buy.”

Bridge workforce gaps

Staff short-term or long-term projects and vacancies. Whatever you need to keep rolling, Field of Talent staffing has you covered.

Flexible options

Have constantly changing staffing needs? Not a problem. Adjust your hiring structure and process to match your current status.

A partnership with benefits far beyond the initial hire

Rest easy knowing you have the best talent acquisition expertise. Whether you’re aiming to improve your candidate flow, quality of hire, time-to-hire, or overall recruitment strategy, we’ll work diligently to help your team get where it wants to be.

Book your consult

Schedule your free hiring project consultation. Learn what gaps exist in your organization and recruitment system. Plus, how a more efficient process can help you achieve your long-term goals – faster.



Get your strategy

Gaps exposed? It’s time to fill ’em. Targets, timelines, talent specifics. The custom recruitment plan you need to get the top draft picks you want and deserve.

Fill your roster

With the fastest, most affordable recruitment partner, you save up to 60% and get the best candidates that fit your unique culture. Decreasing hiring pains and increasing revenue.