Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Field of Talent or our innovative approach to modern recruitment? We’ve got answers.

Contingency or classic retained search approaches are a fee per placement (or head), hence the (impersonal) term headhunters. The incentives are designed to benefit the recruiter first, while value alignment with the client’s business and with the candidate’s career, are secondary, forgotten in the haze of a high fee per placement, or are not considered at all.

With RaaS, fees are monthly and are naturally aligned to the client’s business objectives, whether that’s for immediate hiring needs or building talent pipelines to be ever-talent-ready.

Our recruiters are not paid commissions per placement and are hired for their intrinsic love of helping talented people make their best next career move -- and guide hiring managers through the process to make successful hires.

Yes. You will have a consistent team assigned including sourcing consultants, recruiting consultants/project managers, and a fractional Chief Talent Officer (CTO) with our Harvest level.

Because we’re not a fee per placement, there’s no struggle trying to figure out who gets credit. We’re all same team here and we are all aligned with your business and to providing the best candidate experience.

If you find someone, we can still help with interviews and shepherding the candidate through the process or keeping them connected to you and your organization as part of an active pipeline or talent community strategy.

All positions are different with differing market conditions. During the kickoff meeting, we will estimate a time-to-fill for the position(s) and work together to meet that target with the right person for the job. Each week, we will provide a consultative talent pipeline update with transparent metrics and candidates to review and discuss.

You will have a dedicated account manager and recruitment team. They take pride in knowing your business, your brand, and your culture. Consistency is critical in messaging your career opportunities and maintaining a well-oiled hiring machine. If you need more support, we can dedicate additional recruiters and/or sourcers.

Invoicing for initial or additional talent acquisition consulting services (assess, analyze, map, and recommend) are by project. Ongoing staffing or staff augmentation for recruiting/talent acquisition leadership is by hourly rate and for a minimum of 90 days.

We celebrate together. And do a little dance.

We’ve got you covered for every hiring season.


We can do one position or several with an estimated time-to-fill and with flexibility built in. This means you can pause, stop, restart at any time with a little bit of notice… 30 days for 3 or more positions and 2 weeks for 1 to 2 positions.


However, if you think you will need to hire for similar roles within the 6 months or less after we’ve filled your initial batch, it’s best if we keep the pipeline nurtured and growing so you’re talent-ready. It will save you a wheel barrow full of money in the long run and having a talent pipeline can be your competitive edge.

With RaaS, we’re highly collaborative, flexible, results aligned, and story-driven.


  1. Flexible - your satisfaction with the process, the quality of candidates, and the overall value is absolutely important to our combined success. This is why we provide you with 60 days notice if you need to pause/stop/cancel. But because we’re aligned with you, with your business, and with your goals, we will coordinate and consult with you weekly and make necessary adjustments along the way -- always optimizing for best outcomes – the right person for the right job and a great client and candidate experience.
  2. Results aligned - We align from the outset to your business, organizational objectives, and culture. We take time to cultivate and prep before we plant (search), so we know your culture, core values, who fits and who doesn’t, and we can tell your story (EVP - employer value proposition) 
  3. Story-driven - We all love a success story. For the candidate, it’s about the smooth and fair process and how they felt welcomed and informed every step of the way. For clients, it’s not much different – professionalism, smooth process, confidence in making hiring decisions, and guidance. 

With your permission after we’ve experienced success together, we’d love to share it with you and with others.

We also provide clients with quarterly value recaps showing the activity and progress metrics and the value over contingency/retained headhunters. #ROI

If the person you decide to hire doesn’t work out for some reason, we will work with you to make any necessary corrections to the job requirements, we’ll recalibrate, and we’ll find the right person for you.


It’s easy to agree, people aren’t perfect. So, no one can or should guarantee a perfect candidate. Because you're the ultimate (hiring) decision maker, we do not provide a guarantee per placement like you’d find with a contingency or retained headhunter. But we want you to know that this does not mean we would ever cut corners with clients or with someone’s future. Our success record is evidenced by the thousands of candidates we’ve helped who very often also become our clients. Naturally, we want to keep it this way.


Besides, the commitment, partnership, and value (remember, 8x more affordable than headhunters) are built into the monthly rate.


Maximum value with Field of Talent.