53% of people will job hop in 2023: The first 5 things you & your team should do

The Great Reshuffle of 2023 is upon us.

With 53% of people actively looking for a new job in 2023, now is the time for recruitment teams and leaders to gear up and prepare for the incoming talent storm.

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a wild ride.

Great Reshuffle

Don’t get left behind in the race for top talent, especially during an economic downturn when companies fortunes’ are determined. Make sure your organization is recruitment-ready with these 5 steps (plus one).

1. Review & update job descriptions

Your job descriptions are like the first time you lay eyes on someone. First impressions matter.

First impression

Take a look at your job descriptions. Better yet, send them to someone who has never seen them and gauge their reaction as they try to apply for your job.

  • What can be improved?
  • Where can you be clearer about life at your company?
  • Do you leverage current employees or alumni to share your culture?

Accurately reflect the responsibilities and requirements of each role, sure. But your candidates are also interviewing you – so make sure you show up ready to play.

This will help you attract the right candidates for each position and avoid wasting time on candidates who aren’t a good fit.

2. Streamline the recruitment process

Reduce the time it takes to fill open positions by streamlining your recruitment process.

Get rid of extraneous steps in the process. Want to know where to start? Ask your newest employees who freshly went through the process.

What would they change? Sourcing, scheduling, interviewing, and onboarding. It’s all fair game.

By making these processes more efficient, you’ll be able to move quickly and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

Because remember… Speed is critical during the hiring process – especially one controlled by candidates.

3. Target both active & passive candidates

Be proactive in reaching out to active job seekers open to new opportunities. Utilize a mix of traditional job boards, social media and employee referrals to reach the right candidates for each role.

But don’t leave candidates on the table. Try your hand at passive candidates.

Yeah, they might not be looking for a new opportunity but who knows? Maybe they’d be open to considering a move if the right position, benefits package or relocation (if possible) came along.

Hey, it’s always worth a shot.

4. Invest in recruitment technology

I won’t stop beating this drum. It’s 2023 – You have to use technology to your advantage.

One example: People don’t respond to emails because their inbox is a cesspool. Text messages, on the other hand, have a 98% open rate… What are we doing, recruiters?!

Email vs. text open rates

Use technology, such as applicant tracking systems and AI-powered resume screening, to increase the speed of your recruitment process. These tools can help you quickly identify the best candidates and move them through the process more efficiently.

Without wasting your time and resources.

(Also, ask me what we use. We’ve spent weeks and thousands of dollars testing all different kinds of platforms.)

5. Foster a positive company culture

There’s no magnet like a positive culture and brand. It reverberates through your community, online and everywhere you could imagine.

So create a positive company culture that attracts and retains top talent.

This includes…

  • Promoting work-life balance
  • Providing social opportunities
  • Offering competitive salaries and benefits
  • Cultivating great managerial and mentor relationships
  • Providing opportunities for growth within the organization

But make sure whatever you do to create an effective culture is unique to you. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but make your employees feel one-of-a-kind.

Ping pong and unlimited PTO just ain’t gonna cut it.

Pooh doesn't love unlimited PTO

BONUS: Leverage employee referral programs

Because I’m feeling good today and wanted to add a bit more value.

Get creative!

Encourage current employees to refer their network for open positions.

If you have high-level employees, chances are they surround themselves with similar folks. Leverage your own employees and incentivize them to find the best and brightest to fill your open roles.

Employee referrals have a higher chance of success because they are pre-vetted by someone the candidate trusts.

And if not an employee referral program, consider other outside-the-box recruitment methods such as virtual events or personalized outreach campaigns. The goal is to stand out from your competition – not blend in.

Winning during the Great Reshuffle requires proactive effort and investment. The payoff will be substantial.

Follow these 5 steps (and a bonus!) to prepare your company:

  1. Review & update job descriptions
  2. Streamline the recruitment process
  3. Target both active & passive candidates
  4. Invest in recruitment technology
  5. Foster a positive company culture
  6. BONUS: Leverage employee referral programs

Field of Talent helps organizations like USA Gymnastics and audiochuck revamp their talent acquisition strategies, improve their recruitment process speed by up to 3x and get the talent they need – all at a cost much more affordable than headhunters.

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53% of people will job hop in 2023: The first 5 things you & your team should do