An $80 million initiative to reimagine recruitment through virtual reality

The issue in talent recruitment today is not in finding the talent, but in getting them to engage. A problem three cutting-edge companies – Field of Talent, PivotCX and VisionThree – are collectively addressing.

The driving question: What does our state look like when every child and young adult gets the opportunity to explore their interests?

We’ll soon know.

Introducing V3CONNECT – reimagining Hoosier recruitment by placing a VR Career Lab in every school in Indiana.

Why are we reimagining recruitment?

VisionThree said it best in their press release announcing the V3CONNECT platform.

“American companies are facing a crisis of skill, diversity, and connection to the next generation of the workforce.”

With the support of Ivy Tech Community College, InnoPower, PivotCX, and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, the $80 million initiative will provide VR Career Labs to every high school, community college, and university in Indiana by 2025.

Then, VisionThree and its partners will aim nationally.

Introducing V3Connect via Field of Talent and VisionThree

Field of Talent will advise corporate clients on this new hiring process and talent engagement journey, so they can attract and secure the best talent possible. We will also help qualified candidates discover and land careers with organizations that fit their interests and skills. 

And using their cutting-edge candidate engagement platform, PivotCX will connect and engage talent faster.

Empowering the next generation to explore their interests

VisionThree CRO Heather Jackson added that the goal of the virtual reality program is to expand opportunity for our economy’s youngest generation and most vulnerable. “You can’t be what you can’t see – so many learners are never exposed to the opportunities available, even in their own communities. V3CONNECT closes that gap.”

What now?

Researchers from IU Herron School of Art + Design and Vanderbilt University are working with VisionThree to build a results-oriented approach to the project. Phase one of V3CONNECT launches this fall.


To learn how Field of Talent can help you reimagine your recruitment strategy, get your free consultation here.

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An $80 million initiative to reimagine recruitment through virtual reality