An executive’s guide to making your company a magnet for talent

You know the world is changing at a rapid pace. Just look at the last five years:

  • Employees expect their employer to support them in their well-being
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion are key to recruitment and hiring
  • Remote work has become more than a nice-to-have perk

As the world changes, you should too. Continually update your recruitment strategy to meet the demands of the modern workforce. 

Employees are in the driving seat. If you don’t adapt, expect to be left in the dust. 

Advice from the C-suite: 3 ways to attract the best talent

At the end of the day, executives are in charge of making their company a destination for top talent. While recruiting teams and hiring managers need to get the talent, it’s the leaders’ strategy and vision that set the tone.

So how can you make your organization a magnet for the best marketers, salespeople, developers, HR people and financial analysts? Follow these 3 time-tested tips:

1. Your recruitment process needs to be fast, organized & personal

Think about it from their perspective: Your top job candidates field offers from several companies. What is going to make them choose you over the others?

Sure, they’ll consider pay and benefits. But far more important is how you make them feel throughout the hiring process.

  • Do you value their time?
  • Are you direct and communicative?
  • Do you stick to your timeline and give plenty of feedback?

These are cherries on top of your already-stellar reputation.

2. Care about your employees as much as your customers

From Day 1 to their last day at your company, your employees should be at the center of everything you do internally. A people-first organization results in both customer and employee success.

Why? Because happy employees do their jobs better. studies confirm “employee happiness correlates with employee efficiency, creativity, and productivity. This has the same effect on customers – proving happy employees make customers happy.”

Your employees should brag about working at your company.

3. Design a strategy down to the smallest elements of your employee experience

Without continual improvement, your employees will feel stagnant. And stagnation causes boredom, malaise and apathy. Ick.

You already adapt your services and processes to meet your customers’ needs. Don’t forget to take an employee pulse to gauge if their needs are being met. As a general rule, employees are only able to give your customers the same level of service they receive from you. If your employees needs are not being met… Well, see Maslow. 

Make sure you don’t skip out on these three elements of your employee experience:

  • Open feedback loops
  • Strong mentorship relationships
  • People-first, visible leadership from the top

As a member of the C-suite, it’s your responsibility to create the strategy that will solidify your company as a magnet for talent.

  1. Update your recruitment process to be fast, organized and personal
  2. Happy employees = happy customers. Care about your employees
  3. Design a people-first employee experience, including the small things

To speed up your recruitment process, get a free consultation with Field of Talent. We’ll show you where gaps exist and how to fill them.

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An executive’s guide to making your company a magnet for talent