Auctor gets 2 highly specialized positions with Field of Talent’s RPO model


Auctor is a software development company that delivers strategic, cost-effective solutions for state government agencies. They needed to hire a senior, full-stack software engineer who …

  • Could work in .Net Framework as well as .Net Core
  • Located in or near Topeka, Kansas
  • Could also be a team lead

Someone who knew the older tech and who was a strong developer in modern web-based architectures coding in ASP.Net utilizing MVC and Entity Frameworks.

In other words, not an easy find.


Auctor reached out to Field of Talent’s RPO team to help with a search for a Lead .NET Developer and MultiValue Database Operations Specialist. Field of Talent presented a recruitment project plan for each position. Our approach included both passive candidate sourcing and active candidate advertising – plus, ad management campaigns.

The challenge? The position specs for the Lead .NET Developer limited an already shallow recruiting pool.

A great opportunity for the right person, but it meant Field of Talent would have to reach out and speak with many candidates to find the one who had the right technical strengths (database design, C#, ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, and Azure Dev Ops experience) and who was within a day’s drive to Topeka, Kansas.


Field of Talent’s RPO team customized a hiring strategy for their unique positions, needs and goals. Here’s a brief review of Auctor’s Value Recap, a document that summarizes the job search from “hi” to “you’re hired” …

Total candidates engaged: 1,696

Field of Talent interviews: 52

Hires: 2

Time to hire Database Ops Specialist: 25 days

Time to hire Lead .NET Developer: 52 days

Client savings/cost avoidance: $29,000

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Auctor gets 2 highly specialized positions with Field of Talent’s RPO model