Bye, headhunters: 4 ways AI will help you recruit better talent faster & more affordably (& how to get started)

What do you think about OpenAI’s new chatbot ChatGPT? Is it a gamechanger? Or just hype?

Leverage AI or panic about AI. That is the question

Well, we at Field of Talent pride ourselves for being on the cutting-edge of the recruitment industry – adopting and testing new tech before anyone else. So you know you’re getting the very best advice.

And what we’ve discovered is a new frontier in talent acquisition. Welcome to the future.

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way companies like yours recruit top talent, and we’re here to show you how.

Wait, what’s wrong with recruitment?

Well, it’s broken. How about that?

Traditional recruitment methods can be incredibly inefficient:

  • Screening thousands of unqualified résumés and applications
  • Hiring expensive headhunters (20-40% of the hire’s first-year salary)
  • Reaching out to candidates one-by-one to screen and schedule interviews

Want to fill multiple positions at one time? Forget about it.

And all this goes without mentioning finding the right candidate! Which is the hardest part of all.

So what if you had someone on-staff to help you navigate the ever-changing industry and hire only the best and brightest talent – that actually fit your criteria and culture?

4 ways AI helps you recruit better talent

Meet artificial intelligence.

A lot of people are positioning it to be like a helpful sidekick (that never complains or asks for a raise) for whatever you want to accomplish. Whether you’re …

  • Screening résumés
  • Scheduling interviews with candidates
  • Determining who moves on in your hiring process

… AI has a use in your hiring process. Here are 4 ways AI can help you recruit better talent faster and more affordably:

1. AI-powered résumé screening

Stop sorting through hundreds of résumés searching for a diamond in the rough.

Your time is more wisely-spent later in the hiring process, when you’ve eliminated all the unqualified folks and get to meet those who might actually change the trajectory of your company.

It doesn’t matter if you have 2 or 2000 applications for your job opening – AI can quickly identify the most qualified candidates based on predetermined factors like …

  • Previous job titles
  • Education
  • Skills
AI helps you multitask and get WAY more done in WAY less time

Saving you time and effort and making sure you only interview the best of the best.

2. AI chatbots for candidate engagement

Phew… Talk about an energy killer. Candidate outreach is hard and so time-consuming.

But it’s also key to attracting top talent, so you can’t cut it out entirely and still expect to get a ton of great applicants.

Hey there, friendly AI bot. Think you can handle routine tasks like sending introductory emails to active and passive candidates, answering FAQs and scheduling interviews? Awesome.

You just freed me up to focus on building real relationships with top candidates.

3. AI-powered predictive analytics for sourcing

Another time-consuming (and hard) recruitment task: Sourcing.

Enter predictive analytics.

The more you can predict major sources for the best candidates, the more resources (time and money) you can allocate to getting the best fit for your org.

AI will analyze existing data from various sources to predict which avenues will yield the best results for your candidate outreach, allowing your talent acquisition team to focus their efforts where it matters most.

4. AI-powered diversity & inclusion

D&I is here to stay. And what a beautiful trend.

But the problem is – It can be difficult without technology’s help to make sure your recruitment process is inclusive.

  • Confirmation bias can either exist consciously or unconsciously
  • Bias may also run deep in your recruitment actions and process

With AI-powered diversity and inclusion, eliminate bias in the recruitment process and consider a broader, more diverse range of candidates.

The wider range, the more options you have to land the very best fit for your open job.

Recruiter in 2138 finding out you didn't leverage AI in your talent acquisition strategy

So, how do I get started with recruitment AI?

Identify the right AI tools for your recruitment process

First, make sure you’re solving the right problems.

Where does your recruitment process need more streamlining? Where do you stand to save more time and money?

  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Resume sourcing and qualification
  • Candidate outreach and scheduling

There are so many AI tools out there – and more to come. So make sure you know exactly what you want because your search will get overwhelming quickly.

Consider factors like cost, ease of use and compatibility with your existing recruitment process when making your decision.

Integrate AI into your SOPs – not the other way around

Once you’ve identified the tool(s) you want to adopt, it’s time to integrate them into your existing recruitment process.

Now, be very careful: Do not adjust your process to fit the AI you just onboarded.

Imagine your new platform to be like an employee. You wouldn’t shift all your resources and processes to fit their work style, right? We see this error made quite a bit when a company buys access to a new technology.

Sure, a new tool may mean some adjustments to your current process. But don’t overhaul your strategy to fit this AI, especially when you don’t know if you’ll be using it in 6 months.

Practice caution.

Train your team on AI tools & best practices

Train your team on how to use the tools effectively and you’ll get the most out of AI in recruitment. What exactly does this mean?

  • Education and training on AI best practices
  • Staying up-to-date on how others are using the technology
  • Monitor the AI’s outputs to make sure they’re improving with time

AI is here. It’s revolutionizing the way we all recruit top talent.

We see a future aided, not hindered, by AI

Those who embrace it will save time and money and be freed up to focus on things that only humans can do. Like creating meaningful connections with candidates and choosing the right culture fit for your unique company.

And those who fight it… Well, we don’t know yet. But what happened to those who said the internet would fail? ¯\(ツ)

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Bye, headhunters: 4 ways AI will help you recruit better talent faster & more affordably (& how to get started)