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Don’t get caught naked: 1 mindset shift recruiters need to survive the recession, courtesy of Warren Buffett

Dear recruiter, it’s Warren Buffett. I have some advice for you as you navigate the recession. Make this one mindset change and you’ll emerge the other side a winner – your company too!

The market has flipped (or is in the process of flipping). We could be in for a prolonged recession for the first time.

With no end in sight.

Wondering how you can recession-proof yourself and emerge from the downturn a better recruiter?

We’ve analyzed recruiting trends across the country. Below we reveal the most ignored trait recruiters aren’t talking about.

Dear recruiter:

You’re scared. You’re tense.

We can feel it.

But we don’t blame you. The media, talking heads, analysts and even family and co-workers tell you you’re staring down the shaft of a potential economic collapse:

  • Job openings are fading
  • Highest inflation in 40 years
  • Employment growth has slowed
  • More people are filing for unemployment benefits
  • America’s largest companies have implemented layoffs and hiring freezes

(Stats from BankRate)

Regardless of whether a recession is upon us, imminent, or a mild correction, one of the best things you can do right now to guarantee you not only keep your job but excel in your position is …

Ignore the advice.

Instead, heed the words of Warren Buffett:

Warren Buffett be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy

The recession is your opportunity to upskill

The average recruiter fears for their job and may even be searching for a new one.

You’re not average. You’re smarter than average. You can use this gap to upskill.

Here are 3 ideas to level up and stand out during a recession:

  1. Take a digital course to sharpen your skills
  2. Build your personal brand to be more attractive
  3. Learn a new technology to make yourself invaluable to your employer

But the most important?

Connect more personally than ever with your companies & candidates

Don’t get caught naked.

Warren Buffett it's only when the tide goes out that you learn who's been swimming naked

The transactional recruiter is the naked swimmer. Treading confidently until the water starts to lower and they’re exposed for who they truly are.

But you – No. You’re Michael Phelps in the Olympics.

  • You have a story that resonates with everyone.
  • You create a name for yourself in circles that matter.
  • You surprise everyone with your cunning, personality and power.

When the market turns sour, you need to have a pipeline you can rely on. A bullpen of organizations ready to leap at the limited talent on the market.

How do you strengthen your relationships with your clients and candidates and create a full pipeline? Networking.

Yes, we know – Ick. The word networking sends shivers down my spine too.

However, it’s not only necessary but highly correlative with your ability to emerge from the recession more successful.

So, this is your chance to save your job, upskill for the future, and make yourself and your company more valuable in the long run.

Transactional, post-n-pray, paper-slinging-recruitment is dead. To survive, you have to learn how to be a consultative, connected recruiter.

Subscribe and watch for our coming series on how to become a consultative recruiter.

Don’t get caught naked: 1 mindset shift recruiters need to survive the recession, courtesy of Warren Buffett

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