Outside Source reduces time-to-fill by weeks


As they grow their firm, Outside Source needed to hire two senior Android and iOS developers. Plus, they needed to be proficient in IoT technology.

Not an easy task. Developers are not easy to find.

Without internal HR or recruitment teams, they outsourced their acquisition needs to Field of Talent.


What’s a thorough recruitment strategy without both active and passive searches?

We created a plan …

  • to deploy active applicant campaigns and
  • to source passive candidates.

Apart from our deep internal database of available candidates, we used various sourcing and applicant matching tools.

Field of Talent filled Outside Source’s gaps in just a few weeks – with two highly skilled developers!

  • Candidates engaged: 493
  • Interviewed by Field of Talent: 71
  • Profiles shared with hiring manager: 17
  • Interviewed by Outside Source: 4
  • Hired: 2
  • Time to fill: 34 days


And because they were so thrilled with the process, Outside Source added two more roles to the recruitment project.

“Field of Talent has been a great partner for us. We were a small company without an HR department experiencing rapid growth and didn’t have the expertise to find new hires in a competitive market place.

Their knowledge and experience allowed us to recruit and hire two candidates across the country with a very unique skill set. They helped us find the ideal candidates at lower cost than what we typically paid recruiters. And they were a pleasure to work with!”

— Parker Lyons, Director of Product Development

Want help filling your roles? Field of Talent’s speed sets us apart from the rest of recruitment teams, headhunters and recruitment process outsourcers.

Schedule a free consult here.

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Outside Source reduces time-to-fill by weeks