The Candidate Experience Crisis: How to Improve Your Hiring Process

As the CEO of Field of Talent, a Recruitment as a Service (RaaS) firm, I’m concerned about the recent SHRM study showing a decline in candidate satisfaction with the hiring process [SHRM Candidate Experience Benchmark Research and Awards Program].

The report highlights several key factors contributing to this decline:

The report highlights several key factors contributing to this decline:

    • Disrespect for candidate time: Many candidates report ghosting, long application wait times, and a lack of communication throughout the process.
    • Inconsistent use of technology: While some companies are leveraging AI to streamline tasks and improve communication, others are using poorly implemented tech that creates a frustrating experience.
    • Virtual disconnect: The shift to virtual hiring can be beneficial, but it shouldn’t replace the importance of building relationships with candidates.

These issues not only hurt an employer brand, but also hinder an organization’s ability to attract top talent.

Here’s how you can improve your hiring process and create a positive candidate experience:

    • Prioritize candidate communication: Keep candidates informed throughout the process, using their preferred channels – text, email, video calls etc. – and provide timely updates, even if the news isn’t what they hoped for.
    • Leverage effective recruiting technology: AI can be a game-changer for screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and providing feedback. However, it should be implemented strategically and used to enhance, not replace, human interaction.
    • Build genuine relationships: Focus on fostering trust and connection with candidates. This means taking the time to understand their needs and career goals, and providing honest feedback
    • Don’t sling jobs: When reaching out to passive candidates or trying to build new relationships, don’t pitch a job before you know if the job is even appropriate for them. None of us likes to be sold. But when we’re ready to buy, we’re ready to listen to someone who listens to us and acts with integrity and our best interest in mind.

By following these principles, you can deliver a positive candidate experience that benefits both businesses and job seekers.

Want to learn more?

The SHRM article offers a wealth of data and insights. Also, visit us at to learn how we’re redefining recruitment with RaaS (Recruiting as a Service) where candidate experience is at the heart of this service delivery model we’ve created.

Remember, a positive candidate experience benefits both businesses and job seekers. Let’s work together to create a recruitment process that attracts top talent and builds strong employer brands.

Lasting thoughts

Corporate recruitment and recruitment tech should stop trying to automate or gain efficiencies at the expense of candidate experience.

After all, it’s only costing you the best candidates.

Automation (i.e., AI) and high-touch human interaction should always co-exist for best CX and relationship outcomes.

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The Candidate Experience Crisis: How to Improve Your Hiring Process