Wait, what the heck is an RPO?

If you read this article and don’t immediately fire your headhunter … Well, I’ll have nothing left to say. 😉

The global demand for RPO services, on the other hand, is growing at a staggering 15% yearly rate. Now is the time to consider outsourcing your recruitment process.

RPOs more tempting than ever before

But what even is an RPO and why is it better than a traditional headhunter? Let me explain:

You deserve a customizable & scalable recruitment solution

Headhunters are a one-and-done deal. An expensive one-and-done deal at that! They provide their services, scoop their astronomical fee and are on their way to their next search.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions can be tailored to meet your company’s specific hiring goals and scale up or down as needed. Plus they’re designed to work with you for longer periods than just a simple job fill.

This allows your organization to quickly adjust to changes in the market and your business without worrying about the recruitment process.


Get more expertise & experience on your side

Partnering with an RPO provider is like VIP access.

Work with a team of experts with years of experience in sourcing, recruiting and managing the entire recruitment process – not just a lonely headhunter in their basement.

Headhunter vs. RPO

80% of turnover is caused by mistakes made in the hiring process. If you outsource to experts, you have confidence those mistakes are minimized – if not eliminated entirely.

This level of expertise and experience can lead to …

  • Improvement in the quality of hires
  • Reduction in your turnover rate
  • Decrease in time-to-hire

That’s huge.

Get access to a wider talent pool

With access to cutting-edge technology and an extensive industry-specific talent pool, your RPO will set you up for long-term success.

Whether they’re active or passive candidates, no stone goes unturned. Because you never know if you might have the perfect opportunity for someone.

Another example: Seeking a diverse hire for your newest software engineer role? We got you.

Get higher quality hires

RPO providers use data-driven, research-based approaches to sourcing, attracting and hiring top talent. This leads to higher-quality hires and a better overall return on investment.

Plus, most RPOs work across industries and therefore, have an extensive network of trusted active and passive candidates chomping at the bit to work at your company.

Headhunters are incentivized to hire their talent as quickly as possible – regardless if they’re a good fit or not. Not a great model.

With a team of experts managing your recruitment process, you can expect an improvement in the quality of your newest talent.

Save time & money

By outsourcing your recruitment process, you can focus on your core business while your RPO partner manages your talent acquisition efforts.

RPO providers free up your team’s most valuable resources (psst… your people) that you can then reinvest in other, more important activities.

This not only saves you time, but it can also save you money.

Headhunters typically charge high fees for each individual placement. RPOs are designed to grow with you instead of forcing you to pay arm-and-a-leg for an early hire.

  • Organizations with RPOs save more than 20% on cost-per-hire
  • RPOs decrease time-to-hire by up to 50%

The choice is simple.

So why should you ditch your headhunter for an RPO in 2023?

  1. You deserve a customizable & scalable recruitment solution
  2. Get more expertise & experience on your side
  3. Get access to a wider talent pool
  4. Get higher quality hires
  5. Save time & money

Magical things happen when incentives align. Headhunters want to finish your job search as fast as possible. RPOs want you to succeed in the long-term.

My rockstar RPO team at Field of Talent and I have centuries of experience streamlining recruitment processes, decreasing time-to-hire and getting the best candidates possible for our clients – like Outside Source.

Get a free consult here.

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Wait, what the heck is an RPO?