Remember fax? Texting is the next wave in recruitment – The full guide to adopting SMS in your tech stack

Are you still using faxes to communicate with job applicants? No, of course not.

(If yes, I don’t know what to tell you. You’re out of luck.)

Times change. And text is here to disrupt the candidate experience.

You wouldn’t be the first to adopt SMS. It’s become an increasingly popular way to communicate with potential job candidates.

How do we know? We work with PivotCX to help companies adopt a SMS candidate engagement platform and get their top draft picks in days, not weeks.

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So, how can you adopt texting in your recruitment tech stack?

Let’s take a look:

The history of recruitment communication technology

Recruiting has come a long way since classified ads in the newspaper.

We’ve seen a number of tools come and go, from fax machines to job boards.

One of the most memorable recruitment tools was the fax machine. Just a few decades ago, it was considered cutting-edge technology. Now you mention “fax,” and Gen Z will think you’re talking about “Facts bro, no cap.” (Ignore me if you don’t know what I just said…)

Things move fast. That’s how technology works. What was new is old. What was once cutting-edge is now obsolete.

Exit email. Enter SMS text.

Why SMS text is the next wave in recruitment technology

As the workforce and culture change, so do the ways in which we communicate with potential candidates.

Today’s job seekers are more digitally-savvy than ever before. Internet-native Gen Z will make up 27% of the workforce in 2025.

It’s no surprise then that text messaging has become an increasingly popular with job candidates. Text messages are short, quick and convenient, making them the perfect way to stay in touch with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Here are a few reasons why texting is the next wave in recruitment:

Higher response rates than email

What was your latest open rate on a mass email send?

40%? 50% if you’re lucky?

Text messages have an incredibly high open rate. 65% of texts are not only opened, but RESPONDED TO – within 10 minutes.

Not only are text messages more likely to be read (96%), but they’re also more likely to be responded to.

This data is difficult to even comprehend. I cannot overstate its importance.

Better candidate experience

73% of Millennials and Gen Zers interact more digitally than in person.

If you text them, you’re simply meeting them where they spend their most time. It’s not only smart – it’s courteous!

Texting is all about convenience. Candidates can easily respond to texts from anywhere, at any time, without having to log into a complicated system or be more professional (for some reason email gives off those vibes ¯\(ツ)/¯ ).

Today’s savvy candidates appreciate the quick, convenient communication and feel more engaged in the hiring process.

Faster time-to-hire

If you know me, you know I love to talk about hiring speed as mission critical in your recruitment strategy.

The modern hiring process can be slow and cumbersome. But SMS texting can speed things up.

Schedule interviews, send quick updates, get fast answers and follow up after an interview – and hire them faster than your competitors.

Good deal!

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How to adopt SMS text in your recruitment tech stack

So it’s clear text is the next frontier in recruitment communication. So how do you adopt it? I’ve got you.

1. Determine your goals:

How exactly do you want SMS to help your hiring process?

  • Are you looking to improve response times?
  • Do you want to reach more candidates in less time?

Also think about what types of texts you want to send, to whom, and when. Imagine the candidate experience and all the touchpoints and advantages a faster communication system can give you.

Defining your goals upfront will then help you determine the best approach once you’re onboarded.

2. Choose an SMS provider:

There are so many SMS providers out there, so be sure to do your research and choose one that meets your needs. Look for a provider with experience in the recruitment industry and a proven track record.

Testimonials, testimonials, testimonials.

3. Integrate with your ATS or CRM:

If you’re like me, you like a neat and tidy process. Another communication platform shouldn’t add more work to your plate.

Integrate your SMS tool with your existing recruitment stack. This will help you streamline your recruitment process, organize your data and be efficient (the ultimate goal when speed is the name of the game).

The future if every talent leader texted their candidates

4. Automate messages:

Save a lot of time with this step.

Automated messages will keep your candidates informed throughout the recruitment process, meaning they feel more engaged and valued.

With each new phase, a new templated message rolls out notifying them of their action steps and timeline.

Imagine being a candidate. If you have no idea what’s going on in a hiring process, that company has already lost your interest. Bye bye.

So remaining engaged with your top talent is hyper-critical. Create professional, personalized and relevant messages to keep your candidates in the loop.

All you have to do is move them forward in your ATS.

5. Test & refine:

This is important!

Your team won’t get the hang of text engagement right away. Trust me, it’s just how a new technology works in a company.

Have patience. Make sure your team knows how to use your platform to its fullest potential. Provide training and resources to help them effectively integrate it into their strategy.

Also, keep track of key metrics such as response rates, time-to-hire and candidate engagement. What’s a new strategy without success measurement?

As with any new technology, you’ll have to test and refine your SMS messaging to ensure it meets your goals. Collect feedback from candidates and your teammates. And make adjustments as needed.

SMS text is the next wave in recruitment tech. Want faster, more personalized, more engaging communication with candidates? You’re in luck.

The benefits are clear: A time-to-hire that’ll rival supersonic speed.


  1. Determine your goals
  2. Choose a provider
  3. Integrate your tools
  4. Automate messages
  5. Test and refine your strategy

Need help onboarding a new text tool in your recruitment process?

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Remember fax? Texting is the next wave in recruitment – The full guide to adopting SMS in your tech stack