Why overhauling your talent acquisition strategy every year is a bad idea: Is agile the answer?

You know full-well you need to adapt your recruitment strategy for the times. Duh.

But the thing is – How often?

It feels like every week, a new trend emerges and you’re left scrambling to respond. Do you really need to update your tech stack and recruitment strategy every time?

By helping companies continually update their talent acquisition goals and strategy, Field of Talent clients speed up their hiring process (by 3x!). And get the talent they need to grow.

The best of the best organizations continually improve their strategy. Here’s why and how you can do the same:

Why improve your recruitment strategy continually vs. once-a-year (or less frequently)

The most talented candidates only last 10 days on the open market. Did you know that?

If you want to compete for and hire the workers who are going to take you to the next level, you need to be fast.

But it’s more than speed.

Your talent acquisition approach needs to respond to trends and meet top candidates where they are.

In a world that’s dominated by technology, an annual review isn’t enough. You need to monitor and respond to market changes faster than your competitors.

Why agile recruitment?

Why continual improvement?

  • Be flexible in a fast-changing economy
  • Lower recruitment costs over the long run
  • Make changes on the fly, instead of all at once
  • Improve candidate experience and hire the talent you want
  • Show applicants and employees you’re serious about your growth

It’s a no brainer. So how do you actually implement an agile recruitment strategy?

How to adopt an agile recruitment strategy

(Phew. That was a mouthful.)

Don’t reinvent the wheel. What you’re doing now can remain.

Implement an agile recruitment strategy at your company by changing just a few things.

  1. Build an open feedback loop – Gather feedback (positive and negative) from candidates and make changes to your hiring process as soon as you can. Instead of once a year (or less frequently – yikes!).
  2. Set KPIs – Create baselines for each of your goals and how you want to improve them. Have a slow time-to-hire? You’re not getting the talent you deserve. Set a goal to speed up the hiring process and milestones to get there.
  3. Adopt new technology – Make it easier on yourself and your team. Sure, a new tech stack may cost a pretty penny. But over the long run, you’ll save time and money in your hiring process. And more importantly, provide a better experience for your candidates. Think applicant tracking systems, employee referral programs, applicant engagement platforms, etc.

Boom! Now you’ll get the most bang for your buck and be nimble – especially important in a rapidly changing labor market like today.

Hey, what do you say we update our talent acquisition strategy on a more agile basis – rather than annually? I think we’re losing out on some key talent. The market and recruitment trends just move too fast for us

Now copy and paste that into a message to your talent department leader. You’re welcome.

Need help updating your talent acquisition strategy or speeding up your hiring process? Field of Talent is here to support you. Contact us to get started.

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Why overhauling your talent acquisition strategy every year is a bad idea: Is agile the answer?