2 things great leaders will do before 2023 – even during a recession

The recession is here and you (just like everyone else) will be impacted.

The best performing companies of the last decade prepared better and faster for economic downturns. And therefore, could navigate the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

How can you make sure you’re one of them?

Field of Talent helps companies like yours prepare for all economic climates. Bulls and bears. Without any prep, most companies doesn’t stand a chance.

Below, you’ll learn what the best leaders do during recessions and how you can plan for 2023.

1. Make your recruitment strategy more efficient

It’s tough to make sweeping changes in two or three months. “But for change plant the seeds you can.”

Thanks, Yoda. (Also sorry, non-Star Wars fans.)

This new year, drop the weight loss resolution. Instead, resolve to create a faster, more efficient hiring process that puts your candidates first – instead of your company.

Field of Talent has sped up our clients’ process by 3x and in turn, saved days if not weeks on their time-to-hire. A faster hiring process means more first round draft picks for you – instead of them choosing your competitors.

When you cut the fluff around your recruitment process, you’ll save time and get the candidates you need to grow.

Here are five ideas to make your recruitment process a lean machine:

  1. Leverage social media
  2. Cut unnecessary spending
  3. Build an employee referral program
  4. Optimize job postings for SEO & clarity
  5. Tap your brand ambassadors & advocates

2. Commit to a healthier culture & work-life integration

We heard job candidates loud and clear during the Great Resignation. Employees and job candidates are now in the drivers’ seat.

How will you adapt to meet their needs?

The number one reason employees left their organization is toxic work culture, says MIT. Generally, employees don’t think their employers and leaders have their best interests in mind.

So even if you think your company has the best culture (let’s be honest, everyone does), how do you provide a healthy work relationship for your employees – all of them?

We have some ideas:

  • Lateral career shifts — Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder, take on more responsibility and become more strategic in their work. Some just want a change in pace and fresh opportunity. Allow them to upskill and try something new.
  • Remote work — No surprise here. With the pandemic came a renewed desire for flexibility. And there’s no flexible arrangement like allowing your employees to work when they want, where they want, how they want. In some industries, remote work (or at least hybrid work) is now the norm.
  • Work social events — In an age where loneliness is common and close friendships are rare, people have found solace in work relationships. If you provide a safe space for them. It’s no secret that when people are happy at work, they’re more productive and engaged. Encourage your people to get to know each other beyond simple, day-to-day interactions – virtual or not.

So before the new year begins, throw out the resolutions and focus on your recruitment strategy. How can you prepare your team for anything the market throws at you? Refine your talent acquisition strategy and provide the best employee experience out there.

Field of Talent helps companies streamline their recruitment process and better illustrate their culture during the hiring journey.

Want to get the top draft picks you need? Contact us and we’ll show you how.

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2 things great leaders will do before 2023 – even during a recession