3 ways the candidate experience has changed in 2022 & how the best companies are adapting

Phew, the recruitment industry is changing faster than we’ve ever seen before.

It’s tough to stay on top of the changes – let alone, adopt them internally.

So we’ll break them down for you. Hi, we’re Field of Talent. We help companies speed up their hiring process by 3x and fill their employee roster with top talent.

Below we break down the 3 major ways recruitment has changed this year and how top companies have responded.

1. Social recruiting is in – & we’re fans

Obviously, virtual recruitment meets candidates where they are. But they’re also on social media – a lot.

With the rise of social media over the last decade, companies have dedicated loads of resources to sharing their culture with the world. And trying to attract talent.

Check these accounts out:

Epic TikTok showcasing employee experience

Not only have companies stepped up their game. But they’ve made it easier and more lucrative (hey, referral programs) for their own employees to share their work experience. Making recruitment 10x more powerful and personal.

2. In the driver’s seat, candidates want more flexibility

Remote work. Blah blah. Flexible schedules. Blah blah blah. You’ve heard it on repeat since 2020.

But flexibility has expanded from the employee experience to the candidate experience. This is new.

Your top candidates want to …

  • Interview virtually
  • Meet on their schedules
  • Communicate quickly and frequently

That’s why so many companies have leveraged SMS to engage, qualify and screen candidates in a matter of minutes – not days. (Psst, we use PivotCX.)

We don’t see this changing any time soon.

3. Clear communication & transparency are vital …

… Because they show your company’s culture.

During the hiring process, culture is an important element of your company your candidates are paying close attention to. Everything you do and say contributes to their perception.

Therefore, the better you present yourself, the more likely your top candidate will accept your offer. So how do you make sure you’re putting your best foot forward?

  • Use technology to engage and screen candidates fast
  • Communicate next steps throughout the process early and often
  • Respond to questions quickly and reject candidates empathetically
Communication during the hiring process – 3 keys

For many candidates, this is their next step toward a life well-lived. And you don’t know what they’re navigating in their personal life. A personal, helpful rejection goes a long way.

As evidenced by candidates sharing rejection emails on social media. In both good and bad ways.

The best-performing companies of the last year have adopted the following changes on the fly:

  1. Use social to highlight your culture
  2. Afford more flexibility to your candidates
  3. Communicate clearly, frequently and transparently

Field of Talent helps talent acquisition teams make these changes and speed up their hiring process – by 3x! Want to get started hiring the top talent you deserve? Book your consult here.

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3 ways the candidate experience has changed in 2022 & how the best companies are adapting