92% of job seekers don’t complete applications: How to make your application process easy & get better candidates

Read that title again.

The candidates you desperately want (and need) aren’t finishing your job application. Even if the role is perfect for them, SHRM says 60% will exit the process if the application is too long or complex.


As recruiters ourselves, we’ve seen many companies make the mistake of a difficult application process. And we’ve helped hundreds make the necessary positive changes. Without sacrificing quality of candidates.

Learn below why most organizations screw up their application process and how you can improve yours. So you never turn away your future Employee of the Month again.

“Wait, is that 92% stat real?”

Yep, it sure is.

Appcast released a study reporting 92% of job seekers fail to complete job applications.

If it takes more than the average 4 minutes and 52 seconds to apply, you risk scaring your applicants away.

Especially in today’s world where we expect things to happen quickly and smoothly (S/O immediate gratification), applicants don’t want to spend more than 5 minutes applying to a job they may not get.

Time is ticking. Make your application quicker

And we all know – When you get more applicants, you have a higher likelihood of finding the perfect fit for your open role. It’s all about increasing your surface area of luck.

Go through the application process yourself

Put yourself in their shoes. Literally.

Apply to your own jobs and identify the process’s shortcomings.

First, check out your job ad and description. Make sure your job description checks all the boxes but doesn’t go overboard. Here’s a quick tip on what should be included:

  • Benefits and perks
  • Problems they will solve
  • Necessary tools and tech
  • Hiring process and milestones
  • How success will be measured
  • Important tasks the right person will do
  • Your why – ”This is a great opportunity for someone who …”
  • Experience level and core requirements (not too many though)

Then apply.

How long did it take to complete the application? What can you do to shorten the process and make it less cumbersome and confusing?

Check your application process for these common time-suck culprits:

  • Request for a custom résumé or cover letter
  • Too many clicks, pages or needless information
  • Login or account creation in your applicant tracking system

Found a weakness in your application? Did you get too fancy?

Think about how you can speed it up, delay it for later in the hiring process or eliminate it entirely.

Then put a plan in place to fix it. Like the one and only Phil Swift.

Phil Swift applying a quick fix to a long application process

Avoid confirmation bias. Get outside feedback

Confirmation bias is real. If your salary depends on the results of this mini review, you may bring preconceived notions to the table and influence the outcomes.

The solution to bias? Outsource feedback.

Who better to analyze the application process than your applicants themselves? Ask for positive and negative feedback about your application process from …

  • Current employees
  • Unqualified applicants
  • Applicants who chose to work elsewhere

Plus, no need to wait until the end of the quarter or year to update your recruitment strategy and process. Update it continually. You’ll start to see the benefits of an improved application immediately.

Man reduces application by 1 minute and says "it ain't much, but it's honest work"

A better application process means better candidates. And better candidates mean a better team.

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92% of job seekers don’t complete applications: How to make your application process easy & get better candidates